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We started small as an Overwatch team and have now acquired the Coventry Crimsons; the Super Smash Bros team competing on the Digital School House 2020 tournament. 

We're looking to expand our range of games we enter in tournaments. We made an announcement in our news section, introducing a Fifa 21 team to our roster of games played in March 2021. 

Also in March 2021, we had 2 Valorant teams made up of current and alumni Coventry Crosshairs players. The Valorant Cup tournament is run by the British Esports Association as part of Global Esports Federation (GEF)'s World Connected Series. Unlike the Championships, this tournament has a prize pool of £400 for first place. 


"I think everyone is pretty excited to take part for the Valorant second team for the WCS Cup, We've put quite a few hours practising against the first team players already and i think some of the players are starting to settle on certain agents. Most importantly we're going out their for fun and maybe a few shorty's along the way we may win some games". - Lewis Johnson

With the introduction of the Pearson BTEC in Esports we are able to offer permanent teams for Valorant and have our first ever roster for League of Legends and Rocket League. 

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