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Coventry Crosshairs Introduce a Fifa team to their lineup

Coventry Crosshairs have now expanded their range of games played in the British Esports Championship as part of AoC Sport. They have a team of 3 players competing in the FIFA21 Cup; Garrick Davies, Scott Gillet and Dawid Miller.

Garrick, the team's captain talks about how he feels about the upcoming game: "I’m really looking forward to this tournament, it’s hopefully an opportunity to showcase not only my capabilities but represent the college and open a new route for events like this for this game in the future".

This is an exciting move as they provide more opportunities for students at Coventry College to compete in national tournaments. They can include gamers with a range of gaming interests to compete and inspire students from outside the digital curriculum area to take part. For the first time, the esports provision has attracted a student from another faculty. Dawid Miller, who is studying Level 3 Business stated "I feel very welcome to the team and I'm glad I got the opportunity to compete". Both Scott and Garrick who are currently studying Games Production have been open to create a friendly environment for Dawid and the 3 of them have been practising strategies together on Playstation 4 since they have been on the team.

FIFA has been requested multiple times as a game we should consider investing in for future esports competitions, and with this team we now have the opportunity to develop our scope in Esports and strengthen our relationship with the British Esports Association.

Our FIFA team, now known as the Coventry Lions, today went up against Nelson and Colne College for their first match in the tournament. Results were a mixed bag and the team were certainly challenged. When asked about the matches, Garrick commented "We were caught out a little bit by the high pressing of the opposition. We’re not a bad side and I think we need to tighten the defense and stay positive. We will keep playing and the wins will come". The team were defeated, however, have made plans to try new strategies during their practice sessions this week and are feeling determined and energised by today results to use the time to reflect on their performance before their game next week.

Stay tuned for more news on their journey as the college's first FIFA esports team.

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