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Coventry Crosshairs partners with Gamers Apparel

This week, the Coventry Crosshairs had officially launched their 2022 store that features items with brand new designs and products. Whether that is the items that have the logo embroidered onto them or the sleek design of the high-quality mug to the fan favourite Jersey. There is something for everyone on the store.

The Crosshairs management team have been in the creative process for many months with potential ideas for items available which had the influence of players and the internal community to ensure that what is being sold, is what people would want to buy. Each of the products are sold at different price points which allow for anyone who wishes to support the team(s) to be able to purchase one.

Here is what the Crosshairs Chief Operating Officer, Shoubna Naika-Taylor, had to say about the launch ‘’It's a very exciting time for the Crosshairs, we have had requests and suggestions for a while and now we can finally give back to our community and the members of the Crosshairs. This will certainly create a lot of hype around the organisation and team and naturally throughout Coventry College.‘’

Prices on the store can range from £11 to £34. You can find all the items mentioned in the article and check out the original design that our players will be wearing for the remainder of the season and beyond at


This article was brought to you by Dainéal O'Donnell , a first year Esports student. Coventry Crosshairs aims to give young people opportunities outside of the games. If you are a Coventry College student and would like to get involved, get in touch and we'll work with you.

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