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Crosshairs First Game Day of BEA 2021 Student Champs Winter Qualifiers

Wednesday the sixth of October was an exciting day for all the players representing the Coventry Crosshairs. The games were a rollercoaster for everyone involved as even amid tough matchups all the players stood their ground and kept fighting until the match had ended. There was highs and lows, and everyone experienced the esports industry in so many ways, regardless of if they won, lost, played in the esports hub or at home.

Our tenacious Rocket League team had preserved and scored twice against a team of Supersonic Legends (for those who are not familiar that is highest rank in rocket league) and just because a victory has not been attained this match does not mean that the Crosshairs Rocket League team is done trying. The Esports hub at Coventry College roared in excitement as Luke and Mason scored against the opposing RLCS coach. We spoke to Luke (GamingVibes) regarding the match, “throughout the game, it was a tough break, we had some difficulties, and it was stressful but I'm proud to be a member of the Coventry crosshairs and I'm proud of all the members of my team. We will keep practicing and improving on all our mechanics and hopefully bring a victory to the crosshairs name. I think that we could have communicated more throughout, and we played a bit too aggressive but other than that I think we did well considering what we were up against.”

The determined Valorant team represented the Crosshairs in style as they fought a hard fight against a team of four immortal players suffering a harsh loss of 7 to 13. None the less the game was well fought; the Valorant team is happy with their performance considering this is their first of many matches together. Most of the Crosshairs Valorant team were determined they would improve and move upwards and that could not be closer to the truth. Everybody on the team has the resilience to learn from the loss and return stronger than ever before. We are aiming higher than ever, and victory is In Our Sights. Due to technical issues the Valorant team played from home, but this did not stop the rest of the Crosshairs watched the Valorant team fight ‘till the end in the Coventry College Esports Hub, being exhilarated at every round won and supportive about every round lost.

The captain of the team Marcel (AKA Bread) was very encouraging about the game. He said “Our first match in the Valorant BEA champs was a challenging one, however it was a needed one. It enabled us to see our competition in the league and showed that as a team we have much more to improve on. Despite this, with the little time we had as a team, our performance was outstanding. All players player played to the best of their ability and being the under dogs, we were able to take 7 rounds against triple six. Despite the lost, all players on the roster thirst victory and will do anything to achieve that.”

The Crosshairs have been represented in great fashion by our League of Legends team who had an unfavourable matchup up and remained calm under pressure, fought until the very end, and took the loss well. The team did not let the frustrating delays or the lack of time to scout get to them as they endured a long fight and their first of many. A single loss will not stop the Crosshairs. Without any doubt the team will come back improved than before ready to take on new competition and level up their game every chance they get. Team captain Mason (AKA Goose) made a statement, “I think we did well today despite the loss, we need to focus on our macro and take those small advantages across the board to push the game into a win. I would like to come back next week with a fresh mental and come back stronger than last week. In the coming weeks I want to trial some new team member and see if I can build a rock-solid team to head into the further games.”

Leaving the best till last. The best result for the Crosshairs on Wednesday was undoubtedly the Overwatch team’s 3-0 stomp against Mid Kent Apollo where they held. The triumphant team is not done yet and they are looking forward to the rest of the matches as they aim to maintain their formidable reputation. The new team consists of former reliable members and new talent who combined make the Crosshairs a force to be reckoned with. A member of the team known as Chris (AKA Mystic) had this to say about the match was confident about the skills demonstrated during the match, “the game went really well, the team worked as a combined unit, and I'm proud of how well we worked together, there is still room for improvement, but we can improve on that as the season progresses and I'm looking forward to our next match greatly where we will continue to do our best and represent the Crosshairs best, we can.”

Crosshairs Overwatch Team captain Rui (King) said “I can see Crosshairs improving from last year. We have clearly upgraded our roster not just by getting fresh players but older players improving over the summer break. A lot of teams right now are currently dealing with training inexperienced players or going back to the basics whereas Crosshairs can just move forward. I feel rather confident that we can get a high seed in spring season and other teams should be scared.”

To conclude, the first game day of the BEA 2021 Winter Cup has been a success. Although a perfect score of 4 wins was not gained today everyone will continue to learn and improve at the Crosshairs and everyone is welcomed at the Crosshairs. We will continue to do our best to win. But more importantly, we will have fun doing it as a community who all love gaming.

This article was brought to you by Filip Krause, a first year Esports student. Coventry Crosshairs aims to give young people opportunities outside of the games. If you are a Coventry College student and would like to get involved, get in touch and we'll work with you.

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