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Crosshairs prepare for Spring Divisions in the British Esports Championship

As the winter qualifiers comes to an end, Coventry Crosshairs have expanded their roster of players by holding trials with Coventry College's Computing students.

Coventry Crosshairs advertised for new players to join the team and the interest was paramount. They have acquired 4 new players to fullfil the team's Spring Division roster as they finish their group at the top of the table.

The Spring Tournament is composed of two divisions based on where each team finished in the group stages. As the Crosshairs finished at the top of their group they will be playing against other top teams in the tournament. The competition will be tougher and more extensive training sessions will be taking place to ensure that they dominate the next stage.

The team have a history of surprising followers of the tournament since starting out in a 3v3 competition followed by their first year of the British Esports Championship as the underdog team. The pressure is most certainly high for all involved.

Rui Mendes Borges, the co-captain of the Coventry Crosshairs states "being on top of the group is a massive plus for our team and the college, it is really encouraging and it feels great". When questioned about the pressure of remaining at the top, he simply said "yes, it will be challenging but we have a very strong team and will have a great chance for success".

Crosshairs Alumni, Gaurav Rachen has returned to support the current players in training sessions as a guest player. He expressed his excitment for the team and has praised their development and growth as a team describing it as an "incredible experience" and "being able to participate in Crosshairs events as an alumni makes me very happy". With 10 players now on our roster and support from our former players, we are able to have internal practice sessions which helps to support the development of the team.

Newly signed Support player, Marcel Kajut played his first tournament match against Farnborough 6th form team Potoos last week. He was nominated 'Player of the Match' by the whole team. This proves how determined the new players are as they learn the competitive nature of the tournament. The team are serious about winning and the energy they take into the competition will continue to develop as they move into the Spring Divisions.

The team at Coventry Crosshairs have been working on a new roster reveal video of their new players.

Trials and scrim sessions will continue until the roster lock in the new year before the first fixtures commences on the 21st January 2021.

Watch this space for more news on the Crosshairs Journey.

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