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Crosshairs Win at Wanyoo Tournament

On Sunday the 14th of November, the Wanyoo Esports Café held a Valorant LAN tournament with 4 teams participating for the £100 Wanyoo credit prize pool. The Crosshairs entered Wanyoo with no idea how exhilarating the day ahead will be. The Crosshairs weren’t short of support at the venue with many supporters from the city coming down to see the Crosshairs first LAN tournament forming a healthy audience. With the Crosshair’s looking forward to the matches they were about to play the tournament commenced.

A great start to the tournament with a stress-free 13-1 win on Ascent against Delta 1 The Crosshairs had a smooth first game with fist bumps after every good play the Crosshairs were feeling good, after this game the crosshairs confidently made their place to the winner's bracket. Relaxed and enjoying their G-fuel and Sneak energy drinks the Crosshairs watched the next two games looking forward to getting back into the arena. Watching their opponents in the audience area the Crosshairs were confident in their upcoming matches.

After an intensely close game, the conclusion of the next two games saw Crosshairs Vs Fat Neeks in the winner's bracket and Delta 2 Moving on in the loser’s bracket with Delta 1 going home. After a long and monotonous wait the Crosshairs got back into the arena. Got in the zone and prepared for the match ahead by plugging in their tried and tested mice and pulling their monitors mere inches away from their eyes.

Because who needs eyesight when you can win £100 Wanyoo credit?

The winner’s bracket play off was now ongoing, on icebox, a map known for being attacker sided and the Crosshairs were defending first, I think you can see how this is going to go. The defending half was understandably looking rough for the Crosshairs with an even rougher half on attack. Overwhelmed and with morale not looking the best the Crosshairs got knocked down in the loser’s bracket.

However, the Crosshairs were hungry and determined and fought Delta 2 with everything they had and despite having a Radiant (Top 500) player on Delta 2, the Crosshairs won on Bind against Delta 2 with inhuman determination and only one game separating them from the being the best Valorant team in Coventry. Fuelled by perseverance and caffeine the Crosshairs powered through to play in the finals.

Without a shadow of a doubt, second place isn’t enough for the Crosshairs and even though it was the third match the Crosshairs were playing in a row the Crosshairs weren’t stopping yet, the rematch was here, and the Crosshairs were in the zone and were ready to bring a win home. Arvin “Misio” Lavina who was the MVP of the tournament were in and said this after absolutely his stellar performance against Fat Neeks to achieve a 13-4 Victory on Bind.

“It was an incredibly fun experience to be playing a LAN tournament with and against friends. It was an amazing day and definitely a challenge.”

After the extraordinary moment of the final kill of the tournament being a knife to the back of the Fat Neeks last remaining player by Crosshairs player Pingu. The players of Coventry Crosshairs finally got their sweet taste of Victory. Relief filled the audience. That moment of Victory was indescribable, the triumphant cheer of Victory with the team jumping out their seats, hugs, high fives, and fist bumps were being dished out left right and centre. A spectator who had witnessed the Victory said this after the day concluded. “The day was filled with intense games and when the Crosshairs managed to pull it out the bag on Bind I was over the moon”

Now the best Valorant team in Coventry, the Crosshairs got their prize money and more importantly the single fact that they are the best team in Coventry and having their first win in a tournament was worth infinitely more than the Wanyoo Credit, the excitement of the day was amazing, and the team has never been more over the moon. The team Captain, Marcel “Bread” Kajut said this after the tournament.

“It was the first ever LAN tournament as the team, it was an amazing experience for the whole team and despite everyone being under pressure we still pulled through even though morale was lower due to the loss we got the win.”

Having the audience cheering for the crosshairs and rushing to the arena after the win was unforgettable. Everybody was just so happy; the audience was smiling and so was the team. The winning team. Nobody would’ve guessed that the day would be exhilarating but the Crosshairs are undoubtably looking forwards to playing more and to stay winning. The Crosshairs made their mark on the city of Coventry, and they are only aiming higher. One of the spectators said this about the day.

An audience supporting the Crosshairs to their victory.

“They worked together exceptionally and never got disheartened even when they were having a tough match, I’m proud of them all as they’ve clearly created bonds together that would take others years to form. They focused on what they wanted, success and they a hundred percent earned it.”

To conclude, going home after nightfall and a full day of intense playing the Crosshairs went home with smiles and only looking forward to the next tournament they would play. It was a day of success. You can be sure you will see the Crosshairs at Wanyoo Coventry again and the Crosshairs will give it their all once again, Valorant or some other game, the Crosshairs will be there to persevere and win once again. We are just getting started. On that day of the tournament at Wanyoo on the 14th, the Crosshairs realised one thing they had. Potential.

Potential that they will realise in the British Esport Student Championship.

From left to right; Marcel, Rahad, Jack, Miki and Arvin.

Victory is #InOurSights

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