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The Crosshairs team up with St Vincent Sharks for World Esports Day

Following the success of our collaborative event for World Esports Day in 2020, where we teamed up with our friends from Vulpine Esports to raise over £500 for Special Effect, The Crosshairs have decided to raise money once again on World Esports Day.

For this year's event, we have teamed up with the amazing Esport team from St Vincent College, The St Vincent Sharks, who have made their name as one of the top Rocket League Teams in the British Esports Student Championships. The evening of entertainment is planned to be a multi-game event, highlighting the games played within the Student Championships this year. The order of gaming for the night will be as follows: GAME 1: Rocket League 3v3 BO5 (5 min rounds on BFH Stadium) GAME 2: Overwatch BO5 (Control, Hybrid, Escort, Assault, Control using BEA Map set) GAME 3: Valorant BO1 (Map to be determined by Pick/Ban {Phase)

With what can be anticipated to be an exciting night of gaming, we can expect both the Sharks and Crosshairs to excel in the games that they have become well known for, so having game 3 being settled on the newest game added to the British Esports Student Championships, Valorant, is an exciting prospect to determine who ends the night with the bragging rights.

For the event, we will be raising money in support of ‘The Survivors Trust;’ a charity that provides services to those who are victims of sexual abuse. Harry Bartlett, A student at Coventry College who suggested this charity had this to say; “I think it’s a great cause and one that’s close to me, and I'm very excited about having the opportunity to help raise money for them.” When asked for comment on the upcoming event, Martin Birch-Foster the team manager for St Vincent Sharks had this to say: "To be involved in this charity event is a privilege, Coventry Crosshairs are a leading team within the British Esports Association and have very similar values to us, the St Vincent Sharks. We want to make a difference along with the Crosshairs to support these survivors and empower them, so what better way to do this than on World Esports Day and celebrate both unique and diverse teams." The event will take place on at 6 pm in the evening of World Esports Da, which will be on Saturday 23rd October 2021. If you would like to support our charity drive or find out more information about The Survivors Trust, then you can do so here:

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